So, for those of you wondering, yes, I STILL have the dark moon feels. 

Turns out I caught them BIG.

What ARE the ‘dark moon feels?’ This is NOT an exhaustive list, but they CAN include, irritability, regret, lethargy, not wanting to ‘people’, impatience and a whole lot of ‘f*ck you’ vibes. (If, like me, you’re a Scorpio, or have a ton of scorpz in your chart, this may be how it feels to be you on the daily. I feel you.) Honestly, if I had my way, we’d all get dark moon time off to be under a blanket, eating chocolate + drinking gin.

FYI: if you bleed, the DMF’s are like those few hours just before you’re about to bleed, which you only recognise once you ACTUALLY bleed + go ‘ahhhh, so THAT’S why I was feeling bat shit crazy!’ The DMF’s are caught between the balsamic waning moon + the first sliver of new moon. When the sky is at it’s darkest,  the moon is in direct alignment between the earth and the sun + there’s zero illumination so she can’t be seen. 

The dark moon is like that pause at the end of the exhale or the savasana at the end of yoga – it’s a time for rest, introspection + assimilation of all that’s been witnessed, received + learnt during that particular moon cycle. Except, for some of us, (especially if we’re NOT resting, introspecting or assimilating) its a time when the DMF’s can hit. HARD.

I recommend fierce nourishment (despite the fact you may want to reach for ALL the junk food) LOTS of salt baths, ALL the sleep you can get, reflecting in my journal, I’m not big on doing any magic + ritual working at this time but when I do, I use it for ancestral work + divination, + where possible, no peopling. (This would be my Scorpio rule for life if I had my way!) 

How do you deal with the DMF’s? 

Lisa Lister