Full moon in Pisces.

Bleeding with the full moon in Pisces is actually not as ‘ouch-y’ as bleeding with some of the more recent full moons because Pisces is encouraging deep, emotional healing. (And after this particular eclipse/retrograde season where we’ve all been put through the wringer and come out the other side in different shapes + form, I KNOW I need it.) In the last few menstrual cycles, I’ve really leaned into using the waxing moon energy in my pre-menstrual phase, not to DO + get things done, but to minimise losing my shit with, well...just about everyone and everything. 

I tuned into my body’s need to be slower, I know what medicine to call on in this phase - deep breathing, homemade motherwort tincture + chanting - but used the growing waxing moon energy to be with people (people-ing is not usually something I dig when I’m pre-menstrual) to travel, speak in public and to complete tasks (but at my pace + on my terms.) So, to have a Pisces full moon - a call for stillness, an opportunity to connect with your sensory self and feel the feels as you witness the courage + emotional capacity it’s taken to do the work, to process, heal + course-correct through this retrograde/eclipse season - as I begin to bleed, shed + release, feels like a bit of a bloody gift today. (FYI: Pun totally intended + the chance of tears today is HIGH.) If, like me, you’re bleeding on the full moon, bleed well, Beauty. (And where possible, don’t be on the Internet, your womb has WAY more wisdom to share than google or insta. Fact.) How’s this full moon in Pisces got you feeling? 

What’s YOUR current SHE ‘Scape? 

 This incredible illustrated plate is by the super-bloody-talent @elizahopewellplates

Lisa Lister