CURRENT SHE ‘SCAPE: DAY 28 of menstrual cycle, waxing moon in Capricorn + g-friend is riding the polarities. 

Because I charted when it was like a slip + slide ‘down there’ (when cervical fluid was egg-white-like + super-springy + signalled healthy ovulation) I know I’m not going to bleed until this Sunday’s full moon. 

So which do I tune into? The moon or the menstrual or the astrological cycle? 

Answer? ALL OF THEM.


There was a time when on day 28, I’d be good for nothing. I’d be waiting to bleed, I’d have not shaved my legs for days + I’d be struggling to show up in ANY way, and bleeding with the full moon? That would feel like the biggest cosmic joke. 

But now I know better, while I am moving into the darkness of my menstrual cycle, my hormone levels are low, yet the emotional energy of the moon is waxing and growing, so I honour my body + keep my actions few + slow, but I use the moon energy to help me show up in THAT space and as the moon is in Capricorn, I turn my attention to work. 

This is a process that is taking a LOT of exploring + refinement, and I’ve been charting it like the cycle geek I am for the last five years + I have A LOT of insight to share. 

I’m keen for us all to become cyclic scholars mapping our ENTIRE experience based on our rhythmic nature so that we’re able to find alignment + power  in any moment + more importantly, to recognise that goal orientated, straight line thinking that so many of us try to do on a daily basis to manage life and run businesses, is probably only applicable about 3 days in any cycle, and that as you move through your cyclic experience, you will witness + feel the ebb + flow of emotions, hormones, energy, sexual sensations, tastes...ALL OF IT. 

THIS IS SELF-MISTRESS-RY. (Yes, I’m shouting. It’s important.) Also an excuse to post this pic of me that Rich  took this morning + is proof that day 28 me can now laugh, can put on a red lip + not get lost in a pit of her own darkest doom. (THAT struggle was real for the longest time.) 

What’s your current SHE ‘scape? How you feeling after all the cosmic juju and resetting of this summer?

Lisa Lister