Whenever I’d go on an adventure or I’d do a thing, I’d always call my mumma when I got home to tell her all about it. 

Now that I live in Avalon, and my mumma is no longer in her body, whenever I come home, I come here to the abbey put my hands on magic stones + altars and I tell Her, the Great Mama all about it. 

I tune into the Glastonbury grid, bring back all that I’ve learnt and shared, and I give it to her.

And I ask her if, y’know, we can have a lil break between assignments because, well...it’s sunny. The tennis starts next week (I love Serena) + um...there’s also some reality TV I’d really like to catch up on too.

SHE laughs + says, ‘you did see the card you pulled yesterday, right? You did check the current SHE ‘Scape didn’t you? Woman, we’ve got Work to do.’

I sigh.

And I walk to the point where the mary + michael laylines meet, I let myself be held for by Her for a while, I curl up in her lap and let her stroke my hair, then pussy to the earth,

SHE + I become one + I allow myself to receive.

You don’t need to be here to tune into Her. 

Anywhere you are, SHE is.

Connect to source. 

Your source.

Put your pussy to the earth, (if you haven’t got one, connect in a way that feels good and real to you) be still + receive. 

We’re her PR team + it’s time for us to SHOW UP. For her, for ourselves, for each other, for the world. 

Lisa Lister