:: MOONDAY SHE READING :: Direct insight + wisdom from SHE, through me, for the week ahead.

This week is a big one. Mars goes retrograde + on weds/thurs (depending on your time zone) the moon is full in Capricorn. What does this mean? As if it didn’t feel like it already, shit’s about to get really real. 

Both Mars and Capricorn are motivators, they want you to get-shit-done, and mars going retrograde is a chance for you to explore and navigate how to harness our passion (+ remember passion can sometimes look like anger and aggression, so witness it all) in a way that serves both you and the collective. 

Our pull from the #sassysheoraclecards is SHOW UP. Of course it is.


SHE SAYS: “there are times when the idea of being seen and heard feels a little overwhelming...SHOW UP.

There are times when you feel scared that you’ll be judged, or that people won’t like you...SHOW UP.

There are times when you’d rather hide under the duvet and eat crisps than stand up for your values loudly + apologetically, but it’s in these times especially that you need to SHOW UP.

Now, no one is telling you HOW to show up, and if they are, ignore them, because no one gets to decide on the how, that’s different for each and every one of us. Some may become fierce activists, while others create words + arts, while others gather in circles to raise consciousness, while others may manage to get up and shower in the morning for the first time in a week...you get the idea, right?! but the deal is you DO have to show up. 

Let your passion - your anger + grief for the injustice in both your world (and do not let anyone belittle what that is for you) and THE  world - be turned into art, and words, and love and vulnerability + sharings + offerings + medicine.

You don’t NEED to be ready, you need to show up, just as you are, in a way that is a true expression of you. First for yourself, and then for the collective.

You are needed.”

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Lisa Lister