Moon is in Capricorn, it’s moving from full to waning + I’m bleeding. 

I share the astro insight, because, to me, right now (subject to change, obvz. You do KNOW me, right?) it seems way more important than how many days my cycle is. 

Knowing the ‘bloody’ basics of your cyclic nature is life-changing, I share all about THAT in my book, CODE RED, but the real magic for me has unfolded as I’ve charted the the cosmic nature of my bleed.

Recently, I’ve recognised a metric shit ton of people offering ‘how to run a business in sync with your cycle’ courses, but my deal with that is this: (and I share this because I was going to do it years ago + I get asked how I do it ALL THE TIME) I don’t want you to make your period another ‘bloody’ dude-like system. It’s NOT a four-point phase plan, and also if you don’t have ‘regular’ cycles, there’s a chance you’ll use the fact that your cycle ‘doesn’t fit’, as another ‘I’m not good enough’ stick to beat yourself with. 

Right after I’ve typed this, I’m going to be looking pretty much like the glorious glamzon in the picture above - except I’ll be wearing my cunt kimono by Clare jasmine Beloved - until my first client at 2pm. 

Now ideally, I like to have days 1 + 2 ‘off’ so I can honour myself, SHE + my bleed, but let’s be real, this isn’t always possible. But because I’ve been charting for YEARS, I can slow down, have temple time + recognise + observe OTHER cycles. Like, how every June, for the last 5 years, I’ve bled on a Capricorn moon - this is insightful for LOTS of reasons, but mainly I recognise it as a cosmic cue, that when I bleed, to be open to receive insight, guidance + direct-through-the-vag visions about control, power, work + where/how I spend my time... 

Yes, I’m writing about this, yes, it’ll be in a book, but to find out more before then, join me at RA MA Institute Mallorca for Summer Solstice and sign up for my SHE mail for some v.special announcements about how to explore this with me some more over the summer... 

But for now, I will go bleed + lady-spread on a leopard blanket. 

Lisa Lister