:: Women, let’s all be dragon riders. ::


Basically, THIS. (Found while spending much-needed woman time with my love, @elizabethdialto)

Especially the bit about not killing the dragon, because despite the stories you may have previously been told about dragons - in ancient her-story mythos, the dragon is SHE who initiates. 

A force who ‘takes’ the maiden, our girl-like self, and metaphorically ‘traps’ her. 

Whilst ‘trapped’, girl is called to witness all that keeps her fearful + separate, all the injustices, all the pain. 

Her initiation + release only comes when she is able to realise + recognise that the ‘trap’ is a crucible, a medicine bowl, a womb space where the anger + righteous rage she inevitably experiences at the pain and injustice she witnesses, feels + experiences can be transmuted into medicine. 

With love, compassion + power. 

SHE Power.

When THAT happens, the girl is no longer ‘held captive’ and she is now a woman who is able to ride the dragon - the fierce feminine force - in order to create + not destroy, and to respond and not react.

Women, let’s all be dragon riders. 

Lisa Lister