If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how obsessed I’ve become with the yellow flowering tree in my garden.

Yes, the very same woman that once obsessed over Mac make up, now obsesses over feeding birds + plants + trees. (Don’t you just love being continually reminded how being a woman is such a sweet contradiction?)

So, the plant is a Forsythia + it’s basically sunshine on a tree. I’ve spent a LOT of time hanging with her + looking at her, because she’s the good juju.

She makes me feel vital + joy-filled.

Then, a gorgeous woman on Insta, @sylviaofthewoods, sent me a DM reminding me that I could make a flower essence from her.


I’ll share how I did it - I trust myself + my instincts – but I invite you, if you’re called to make a flower essence too, to take total responsibility for yourself, to research the plant and flower, and to not ingest anything without knowing exactly what it is.

The Forsythia’s essence motivates the transformation of old, useless patterns of behaviour – habits, addictions, thoughts – basically, I made an alchemical elixir for uplevelling. High fives me!


1. Pour spring or distilled water into a glass bowl.


2. Speak to the plant and flower + ask her permission to take some of its blooms. Give thanks + love in whatever way feels good.


3. Gather the flowers without touching them, and place them into the glass bowl of water.

4. Allow them to sit in the sunshine/moonshine – either/or/both – to infuse.


5. Drain the water from the flowers to make a ‘mother essence.


6. The Mother essence is the source essence from which you can make stock essences. I’ve made mine in an amber glass drop bottle, so I added 1ml of alcohol as a preserve (vodka or brandy) and then added the infused water to the bottle.


7. Mark the bottle with astro details + dates that you made it.

PS: To make a stock essence, the one that you then use daily, I add 1ml of vodka or brandy, to spring water and then add 7 drops of the mother essence. Shake before use.

I take it daily, 7 drops under my tounge. But you can add drops to a glass of water and drink throughout the day, or put drops in the bath if you don’t like to ingest it.

Lisa Lister