Be prepared for the endless stream of ‘mercury made me do it’ memes on your insta feed today. 

Yep, Mercury has gone retrograde + it CAN sometimes mean that communication + technology go funky, it CAN mean that old lovers might text you or that you may receive a blast from your past, but ultimately, I see Mercury Retrograde as a time to revisit + reassess (+ to play Freddie Mercury, not that you ever need an excuse, he WILL rock you.) While this is NOT the time for decision making (or for buying new technology) do allow every idea, endeavour, situation and experience to be up for revisiting + reassessment + possible resetting. 

I LOVE this opportunity to give everything some air time. It’s like a scheduled-in breathing space to go over the details, before you make decisions + take action.

FYI: some mercury retrograde are more gnarly than others + it DOES depend on the other planetary alignments, but this current line up means that it falls in Aries + gives us an opportunity to get savvy about all the ways we communicate + connect + how we express ourselves + our wisdom in the world. 

Today for example, I’m blessed to be working on a book edit for a client + I’m using the retrograde juju to pick up on stuff I may have missed, to assess tone + message + connectivity between her + the reader. 

NOTE: SHE-powered women tune into, + optimise their SHE ‘scape. Fact.

Lisa Lister