:: SASSY SHE ORACLE TRANSMISSION :: Unedited, unfiltered, unapologetic. Direct insight + wisdom from SHE through me for week beginning 19th Feb. ::RHYTHM::


The eclipse portal may have had you shedding many skins + burning up all that was no longer necessary for what’s now to come, but what’s so often the case when we let things go + make space for what’s next is that we can’t just BE in the void, We can’t just BE in the stillness of...well, nothing, so we desperately try to fill it up. With insta feeds, with stuff, with the thoughts + opinions of others and/or we try to desperately change or transform into our whole ‘new’ selves after the shedding, expecting ourselves to be fully formed as a person who has their shit together because we’ve done ‘the work’ + then beat ourselves with a big stick when of course we don’t. 

Can you trust that each of us have our own unique drum beat? Our own rhythm that like the moon, the seasons + like the tides, ebbs + flows, guiding us in right direction.

If we let it.

Because often times if you listen to it, it may feel like you’re going against the flow of others + oh, how we so want to be like the others, right? But this will rarely serve you.

When you trust your own drum beat, the rhythm that is unique to you you’ll begin to realise that everything is unfolding exactly as it should, that’s not to say you sit back and let life happen, but when you trust your own rhythm, life becomes a co-collaboration - you know when to create, rest, nourish, be in action + you trust that it may not be in sync with others + you trust THAT too. 

Yep, ALL the trust is needed here.

Your invitation this week is to be still with yourself for long enough so that you can tune in to the rhythm of YOUR heart + womb space. 

Place a hand on your heart + a hand on your womb space + breathe. Tune into YOUR rhythm.

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Lisa Lister