Some of you may have been reading the many, many posts about the power of today’s full moon + the turning of the witch’s wheel as we move into Imbolc/Lughnasaah tomorrow (depending on your hemisphere ‘hood) + I LOVE that we’re again waking up to the ancient wisdom of the cycles, but don’t feel pressurised to DO anything that isn’t in concordance with where YOU are at.

This is an opportunity to flex your SHE Power muscle by checking in with your own SHE ‘scape (your inner + outer lady landscape) + trusting your unique-to-you magic. 

You KNOW la Luna is strong, you KNOW there’s the potential to create, now check in with yourself. 

Where are YOU at? What’s your current SHE ‘Scape?

Take your cues from mama nature, if there’s snow outside the window, this might not be the time to bare your naked truth, because well...g-friend will get a chill. Instead you might use that white blanket to cover yourself + do some powerful growth work underneath it. 

It’s not like tomorrow will come + the flowers will be in full bloom, no, they’ll be taking root, ready for growth. 

So if you DO want to be in action, and you have a clear vision, plant the seeds that are being called to be nurtured into being. And use the next 6 weeks til the spring equinox to cultivate + nurture them. At your speed.

It’s important that we don’t just move the Dec 31st deadline - new year, new you - to Feb 1st, there are no deadlines in nature, instead there’s growth, transitions, action, gestation, blooming, shedding, death, stillness + rebirth. 

What we’re being called to do in the reclamation + awakening of our power as women is to trust ourselves, the process + our own cycles.

So root down, know what’s available to you to work with and to leverage energetically, know what may make life a lil trickier and mean you have to stand stronger, and know what will also give you wings to fly.

SHE Power is in the knowing + the trusting + the listening, in the action and non-action based on YOU + YOUR needs. 

You’re EXACTLY where you need to be.


Lisa Lister