Consider it an invitation to remember where you’ve been, who you are + to take fierce responsibility for what comes next. 

This moon will create a quickening, so you could use it as a time to be the force of nature that you are + work with nature to embody the elements - use fire to burn up old frustrations and fears, cleanse yourself with baths + sea dips (Southern Hemisphere, I’m talking to you) get dirty in + with mumma earth, breathe deep. Really deep. Let the lunar eclipse remind you that in the darkness, the cosmic womb, there is infinite nothingness + it’s in that nothingness that ANYTHING is possible, you’re a creatrix with an all seeing eye, what will you see to create + bring into being? 

My suggestion? 

Create a new possibility of what feels most real + true to you. On your terms, in your time. In concordance with your cycles + rhythms.

Because, women, these are the times we were made for.

All the love.

L x

Lisa Lister