It’s a story of re-membering, re-claiming, re-sourcing.

It’s a story of nourishment + fortification.

It’s a story where I trust the rhythms of mama nature + her flow.

It’s a story of unplugging from technology + plugging in to source.

It’s a story of total self-love + finding your way back home - to yourself + what really matters.


I love that you beauties are all so big-hearted + have been checking in on the Viking + I. 

We were in a car situation this week where we were driving on the motorway and the car bonnet flew up, it was gnarly, the car is a write-off + how the Viking managed to navigate us onto the hard shoulder without killing us/or others I do not know. He’s a total protector.

So there was that. 

It was a wake + shake call. Stuff is different now. Things that didn’t make sense before now do.

And we’re healing up.

So basically he saved me. He’s always saving me. He’s saved me since the day we first met. 

He’s always been the strong masculine banks to my feminine flow, (and for so many reasons decreed by SHE, this has been necessary for our life together so far) but what if, right now, I had to save myself? 

Now, always, at the turn of the wheel, while everyone gets obsessed with the excess of Christmas and the promise of ‘new year, new you’ + feels the pressure to diet, fix shit that isn’t broken + go out into the world + ‘do’, I unplug from it all + let myself really fall deep into the darkness of the season. That’s where I’ve been for those who asked. It’s where I always am at this time of the year.

I turn off the noise, i unplug + tune into what’s real + what matters. I’m using the Saturn in Capricorn juju to build my own banks, to trust my gnostic knowing. My cyclic nature. To trust the mumma rhythms. I’m reading fiction. I’m drawing + painting. I’m spending time with loves IRL. I’m dreaming entire worlds into being. So here’s where I’ll be til Imbolc, re-membering, reclaiming + re-sourcing. 

Saving myself.

Big love ️<3

Lisa Lister