Unedited insight + wisdom direct from SHE, through me, for the week ahead.

Today's pull from the SASSY SHE Oracle cards is GYPSY SOUL.

I love this card. It speaks to the part of us that craves freedom + liberation above ALL things. 
If you've been feeling restricted in a relationship, a situation at work has you feeling shackled, or maybe everything around you is making you feel like you're wearing a too-tight pair of hipster jeans, then this one is for you.

It's not selfish to want to feel wild + free. It's our nature. It's just that our wild is powerful, and our power is feared. That's why so many of us find ourselves working jobs we don't love, in relationships that don't make us feel good + nourished + living lives to fit the agendas of others because our gypsy soul - the part of us that needs space to roam, to dream, to try new things, to have adventures, to expand - has been tamed.
SHE's the sand in your knickers, SHE's the irritation in your voice when you're saying the same thing over and over again sat in a meeting about a meeting, SHE's the part of you that's hovvering over the 'book a flight to anywhere' button, desperately wanting to click 'buy'.

The worst thing you can do is ignore her. Acknowledge your gypsy soul. Ask her where she's not got the space she needs + how you can create it. If booking an adventure is possible, do it. If not, run a bath + read an adventure book or write your own choose your own adventure story + plan it all out to the exact detail and use next Wednesday's full moon to bring it to manifest. If you're in a job/relationship/home/life you don't love, really ask yourself why you're sticking around.

Gypsy Soul is your reminder that you were wild once, don't let them tame you. To get your own set of SASSY SHE Oracle Cards each imagined, drawn + coloured by me, CLICK HERE


Lisa Lister