Own Your Blood

It's women's history month, so I want to bust some myths and retell some stories about being a woman. 
Starting with our blood.

There's some pretty messed-up stories as to why women have historically been kept 'seperated' when they bleed.

Contrary to popular (read patriarchal) belief it's not because women were 'impure' or 'dirty' but because we were so freakin' powerful. (This is especially true in my own gypsy tradition where the men wouldn't look women in the eye when they bled because they were scared they'd put a curse on them!)

Women weren't being forbidden to take part in life because they were bleeding, they were being protected and considers holy + sacred + powerful because of it.

Both Yogi Bhajan + Guruji spoke to this saying - and I paraphrase - a menstruating woman is so pure that we don't touch her, she's the goddess herself, powerful + full of energy + should be worshipped like one. That's why bleeding women don't go to temple, they don't need to, they ARE temple.
High fives to THAT. 🙌🏽

You'll know, even if you're a tiny bit aware of your cycle, that you are like a super-absorbent sheet of kitchen roll during your bleed, you pick up on people's emotions + thoughts far more than at any other time. (Go see a tarot reader when she's bleeding - it's when she's most potent!) so women stayed seperate from others at their bleed so they didn't take on the emotions of others + with the release of her blood, released the worries and concerns of her family and community. She was doing some SERIOUS healing witch work.

A bleeding woman = powerful, pure, potent + pure badass.

So, own your blood. It's a super power. It's your SHE power.

Lisa Lister