Menstruating and Moon phases

 I get asked a lot: 'how can I sync my cycle to the moon?' By which the person usually means how can I make it so I ovulate with the full moon + bleed with the dark moon. 
While this IS possible, and I DO share it in the upcoming online course, Care For Down There, please know that it's NOT necessary.

You don't NEED to sync your cycle with the moon because it already is.
Whichever moon phase you bleed in (and you'll notice this will change depending on what's being called up and through you to respond to + work with during your bleeding years) holds its own power + magic for what you need to receive right now.

If you bleed during a waxing moon, you're being called to use your menstruation phase to explore and make new discoveries. Read books that hold teachings you've been meaning to read but haven't got round to, or listen to podcasts by women you dig. 
This is a time to grow + play + have new experiences. Taste different food, take a left when you'd normally go right.

While I've been writing the last two books, I've been bleeding at the full moon. Why? Because bleeding at the full moon is a call for you to use the vitality + potent power of the full moon along with the let-go of your menstruation blood to bring something into being. 
To create + nourish outwardly, for the world. 
It will be NO surprise that right now, MANY women will be bleeding with the full moon because they're being called to act + create in response to political situations. (The work here is to turn rage into creative action.)

If you bleed during a waning moon, you're being called to tend to the blooms + manifestations of the previous full moon. To use the information you're open to receive during your bleed time ( if you didn't know already, you're a divination rod for SHE when you bleed) to help you get geeky with the details, to really stabilise + solidify already existing conditions, and to verify knowledge that will help to develop plans + projects.

If you bleed during a dark to new moon, you're being called inwards. To nourish yourself. FULLY. Your dream time will be potent so be sure to make notes because when you bleed during this phase of the moon, you have one foot in this world and one foot in the great void. The cosmic womb. You have access to all that's been + all that's to come, it's pretty wild!
It's a good time to be still, to be in silence, to come into your crone power and let your wise self be your guide.

This knowledge, this access to our feminine mysteries, IS how we reclaim our SHE power. Rarrrrr! 

Lisa Lister