Dark moon in Pisces :: solar eclipse :: major planet juju ::

This weekend is a potent one - as above so below - the energies of a dark moon, solar eclipse + a whole lot of planetary juju mean that there's a good chance you are FEELING. IT.

Endings. Beginnings. Some of which it may feel like you have absolutely no freakin' control over. 
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale.
This is how you're going to get through it. Don't underestimate the breath. It's the medicine we need most for the current times. The fear will show up. The comparison. The resistance. The WTF?. It's all going to be there as change will be thrashing about wearing her coat of Kali-ma-ness.

There's a chance you'll think it's all 'too much', 'too hard' or that you're just plain pissed that this is definitely NOT what you'd had planned + that's okay. Feel that. 
Then get fortified. 
When the wind of change blows we need strong roots. Strong ovaries. 
We need to breathe deep, we need to have a daily spiritual practice - SHE Flow, Kundalini strength poses, pranayama + silence are currently mine - and we need to trust our own power + agency, because this solar eclipse in Pisces is calling us to claim ourselves.

To witness old stories, habits + heavy conditioning and patterns about how it 'should be' that we've carried ancestrally + through past lives, thank them for the lessons, allow yourself to be shaped not shackled by them, and then let that shit that go, because it's not yours.

This eclipse is calling the witches + warriors to BE THE CHANGE. Feel the freshness + possibility of the newness of spring + trust your gut. Follow the cosmic winks. Feel into the possibility + potentiality of now.
Inhale, hold the breath, exhale.
Now start. 
Before you're ready. With doubt and fear fizzing at your edges.

Lisa Lister