Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, I do women’s work. 

(Basically it means I talk about vaginas, wombs, fertility, cycles, and periods. A lot.)

My calling, this lifetime, is to invite you to remember, reconnect with, reclaim and revere the fiercely feminine power that lies between your thighs.

I help you to:

  • Learn super-practical ways to understand your hormones, your fertility and how to care for ‘down there’.
  • Crack your lady code and unlock your monthly menstrual super-powers.
  • Celebrate and honour your goddess-given nature through ritual, movement, rites and sacred ceremony.
  • Explore, navigate and learn to love the experience of being a woman.
  • Call back your power. Now.

Everything I share is a personal invite to re-member that you're already whole.