Crowned ‘the defender of female awesomeness’ by Cooler magazine, I support women, their voices + their experience by sharing rhythmic intel + cyclic living tools to help navigate these ‘interesting’ times.

I can support you to:

  • Understand, work with + leverage the cycles of nature, your body, the moon + the cosmos

  • Crack your own code, become the mistress of your destiny and create a cyclic living map that’s unique-to-you + supports your creativity, relationships, career + SHE ‘scape

  • Re-discover and share your voice, your message + your medicine

  • Celebrate and honour yourself and your ever-unfolding process through ritual, movement, rites and sacred ceremony

  • Trust yourself, your gut + your intuition as your guide

  • Call back your power. Now.

Everything I share is a personal invite to re-member that everything is a ‘process’ and that you're already whole.